FCO and Civil March Addenda
The purpose of this page is to present informally updates relating to the Civil March on Aleppo, main article here, including further information relating [...]
What’s wrong with UBI?
One out of three ain’t good Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a fashionable policy idea comprising three elements: it is universal, it is basic, and it is an [...]
Otto’s Cassava Flour Pizza Crust
I met the folks behind Ottos Cassava Flour while attending the Paleo f(x) conference in April, and during our chat, they challenged me to make a pizza [...]
Wedding season is here!
Approaching 28 years in business and were always energized by a new wedding season upon us.  We love meeting with the many couples who come in for cake and [...]
On Craic: I’m Telling You, There Is No Word For ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ In Irish
This essay is mostly about the craic, not to be confused with the cráic At school I disliked learning Irish. Mostly because the teacher was stern and [...]
Miso-Marinated Boneless Short Ribs
I dont reverse-sear often enough. When faced with a choice chunk of beef, my go-to method is a traditional sear (see one of my favorite recipes of last [...]
Five Years Paleo – 10 Lessons Learned
2015 really flew by, huh? I had quite a crazy ride over this past year: I released an eBook, a New York Times-bestselling cookbook, a smartphone/tablet [...]
Captain Turner Returns – Elena of Avalor
I know what youre thinking.  Elena airs on Saturday yet this article is hitting all the way on Thursday.  Well, it turns out that a slew of tech issues and [...]
STEM: A Novella
Growing old is like seeing a movie in bright colors slowly turn black and white. Look forward to my new book, STEM, it is an incredible romance about the [...]
And so it begins…
Music is one of the few universal traditions that has continued through generations in cultures all over the world. For some, it exists only in the [...]